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The Shame Game

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On Faith and Suffering is not an easy thing to bear up under. I feel that as life goes on, I am seeing more and more suffering around me. I have recently been through a tough season in my life. In the midst of difficult circumstances, it has caused me to look to God and question at times. I think sometimes in the Christian life, we are told, “Don’t question. Just believe. God is good all the time.” This, of course, is true but I think there is true beauty in the wrestling. In the coming out on the other side having a deeper faith because of where God has taken you on the journey. I have recently been reading in Hebrews and like God does, He somehow lined up the Scriptures and where I was reading to answer some of my questions right in the face. Questions like...
“Why do people who love you have to suffer?” “I understand suffering is for your glory, but we already love you and are about your glory so do we have to go through it?” “Are you really big enough? Good? Faithful?” “Is it about just pray…

Lesson in the Messes

I am having a moment where I need some blogging therapy....been so long since I have hit the blogging scene but today I just felt the need for some bloggin'.
At 9 am today, I was covered in poop and headed down the road of a full on melt down (me, not my 2 1/2 year old or my 10 month old---ME). We are in the throws of potty training and my type A self is taking accidents way to I alone here? I pray not.....Anyways, Jackson says he has to poop but I cannot get there because I am changing my 10 month old's poopy diaper and I tell him just to go in his Pull Up. Which I am going ahead and embracing Pull Ups after an accident soaking the entire couch and another one involving a fairly new rug!! Anyways, I finally got him out of his chair about 30 minutes later and there is poop everywhere- I mean EVERYWHERE...covering the chair, my son, his feet, his legs but I do not realize how much body surface is covered until I get him into his room and start changing him. It …

He is finally here!!!

Sweet baby Jackson was born last Friday at 5:37 pm. He is such a sweet, precious gift from above. He weighed in at 9 pounds and 3.9 ounces and was 21 1/4 inches long. I went into the hospital Thursday night for induction. After medications and breaking my water, Jackson still was not coming so we had to do a C-section. I am continuing to heal and we are adjusting to life with a new baby.
He has the most kissable cheeks ever and we are falling more and more in love every day. He loves to swing. He has a bit of a temper and gets mad when we change his diapers, when he is wet or dirty and when he is hungry (who can blame him, though). We have been so blessed by all the kind words and thoughtfulness people have shown us during this special time in our lives. Here are some pictures....
In the operating room, Jackson's first picture
My little boy
Daddy and Jackson
My stepdad, Big Ken, meeting him
Sal and Tay came to visit
 Aunt Britt and Uncle Matt
Sweet cweep
Love this precious family…

Baby Jackson's Nursery

We are awaiting baby Jackson's arrival right now at 39 weeks and 4 days:) so, why not pass the time by sharing a few pictures of his nursery? We cannot wait to meet him and Ryan thinks that with the zoo/jungle theme we have going on in the nursery, Jackson is destined to be a zoo keeper.....we will see! I have had so much fun decorating and putting together his little room and I hope he loves it!!!
Here is his crib with letters we made and a mirror that i love!!! His crib is from Target and the bedding is from Serena and Lilly
 We got the letters from hobby lobby and then hot glued zoo animals onto the letters and the orange ribbon
I was really into bamboo shades and love the way the windows turned out with the brown and white combo. His changing table is a dresser we got from the Pottery Barn outlet and then we got the cover from a shop on Etsy
Ryan's dad repainted this rocking chair for Jackson. It was the chair that Ms. Cindy rocked Ryan and his brothers in and Mr. Mike re…

Showering Our Baby!!!

Can I just say that we are so excited to meet baby Jackson??!! I am at 35 weeks today, so it may be only 5 weeks away.....woo hoo!!! One of the reasons that I am so excited is that we have had so many kind, generous, thoughtful friends who have given us wonderful gifts and showers for this baby boy. We have had a fun time celebrating him with all of these sweet, sweet people!!!
Our first shower was a work shower that the people at my office threw for us. It was really sweet. They made wonderful food, complete with a baby fruit display :) They gave us cute clothes, gift cards, diapers and wipes and the Snap and Go stroller!!! They really were too, too generous!!!
Baby fruit :)
Beautiful ribbon for the hospital door
Delicious cake!!! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate....mmmmm!!!
Sweet basket full of goodies from them
The whole crew after the shower
Some of the people of our community group and that we have gotten to know through church threw us a couple shower. It was perfect because the…